Vaccinations in Katy, TX

When is the last time you had a vaccination? If it’s been a little while, it’s important to talk to our family doctor near you to determine if it’s time for any of your vaccinations to be updated.

While vaccinations are often administered throughout childhood and before teenagers head off to college, they are an essential part of keeping yourself healthy. Even as an adult, vaccinations are needed.

Our doctor in Katy offers a variety of vaccinations. To learn more about our vaccinations and other offerings, call Katy Primary Care Clinic today. Our friendly staff can help you schedule an appointment so that you can get up-to-date on your vaccinations.

What Vaccinations Are Offered at Katy Primary Clinic?

Our clinic offers many of the vaccinations that you and your family need to stay safe and healthy. Some of the most popular vaccinations available at Katy Primary Care Clinic are:

  • Flu shot
  • TDAP (tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis)
  • Tetanus
  • Pneumonia
  • Shingrix

How Often Should You Be Vaccinated?

Each vaccination has its own schedule. For example, flu shots should be given every year. Other vaccinations are necessary every ten years. Talk to our doctor about when you last had your vaccinations to ensure you are protected from many preventable illnesses.

You can use the following list as a guide to know how often and at what age to get each vaccination:

  • Anyone over six months of age should get the flu shot yearly. The flu has many different strains, so this is the best way to protect yourself from the current strain.
  • The TDAP vaccination is administered as a single dose at the age of 11 or 12 years old, and the TD shot is the booster for the TDAP, which should be given every ten years.
  • After receiving your first tetanus vaccination, you will need a booster every ten years. If you experience a puncture wound, you should get another booster. Children receive the tetanus vaccination before two years of age.
  • The pneumonia vaccination is recommended for children under two years old and adults over 65 years old. It’s recommended that people over 65 get the vaccination twice per year.
  • When you get the Shingrix vaccination, you will need two doses a few months apart from each other. The Shingrix vaccination is recommended every few years for people over 50 years old.

Call our doctor today for more information about vaccinations near you. We look forward to serving you.