Preventive HealthCare

Preventive Health Care in Katy, TX

Preventive health care services help detect or screen problems on time before they transform into more complicated issues. It’s a much better idea to visit an experienced doctor near you for a checkup when you feel healthy, instead of waiting until you fall ill.

What Is Preventive Health Care and Why Is It Important?

Thousands of patients suffer or even lose their lives due to diseases like diabetes, cancer, and heart disease, which can be prevented by early detection and prompt treatment. Dr. Laxman Kalvakuntla can help identify potentially threatening health conditions during the initial stages to pave the way for timely intervention and treatment.

Reliable preventive health care in Katy, TX, can educate patients and prevent such illnesses from becoming a cause for concern. Please book an appointment at the Katy Primary Care Clinic to get a health checkup.

What Services Are Included in Preventive Health Care?

We use state-of-the-art equipment and diagnostic technology to provide a host of effective preventive health care services near you:

Routine Checkup and Physical Exam

Our trained doctor will examine you for signs of illness and record your vitals (temperature, BMI, blood pressure, weight, and height). We will examine your medical history and any previous physical or mental health conditions. Our experienced team will also check your vaccination and immunization history and discuss your work and lifestyle choices.

After a complete and comprehensive physical exam, our experienced doctor in Katy, TX, will discuss safe sex, nutrition advice, contraception, and other health issues that you may want to discuss.

Age-Specific Screening for Cancers

Our efficient staff at Katy Primary Care Clinic uses the latest x-ray and imaging software to screen for age-specific cancers, which may include cervical, breast, prostate, and colon cancer. Patients who have a family history of oral or ovarian cancer should consider getting regular screenings. Early detection dramatically accelerates the likelihood of a successful cure.

Dr. Laxman Kalvakuntla also screens patients for sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis, gonorrhea, hepatitis B, and HIV. Preventive screening can reveal silent killers like high cholesterol and blood pressure that can pose high risks if left untreated.