Mental Health Care

Mental Health Care in Katy, TX

Mental health disorders affect our mood, behaviors, and wellbeing and interfere with our ability to live fulfilled lives. When ignored, mental health problems can come in the way of work and prevent us from achieving our goals. Katy Primary Care Clinic provides reliable mental health care services in addition to urgent, pediatric, and general healthcare solutions.

To learn more about healthy approaches to emotional wellness, please feel free to contact our caring doctor near you for mental healthcare in Katy, TX.

What Is Mental Health Care?

Mental health can include mental, emotional, psychological, and social issues, and they often impact how we think, act, feel, and behave. Mental health problems can come in different forms. For example, we may experience difficulties in dealing with people, work, stress, or life’s challenges.

The following crucial factors have the potential to affect mental health:

  • Biological factors: Hormonal imbalances and chemical disturbances can affect mood and behavior
  • Genetic susceptibility: Family history of mental illness or genetic makeup
  • Life occurrences like grief, abuse, trauma, job loss, and divorce

Mental health is crucial to our overall health and wellbeing through every stage of life, starting from childhood to adolescence and, finally, adulthood. Please call our trained doctor in Katy, TX, Dr. Laxman Kalvakuntla, to schedule an appointment.

Warning Signs of Mental Health Problems

Although everyone experiences sadness, frustration, or loneliness, these are different from signs of mental illness. The following early warning signs can signal the onset or presence of mental issues:

  • Sleeping too little or too much
  • Experiencing low energy levels
  • Withdrawing from family, friends, and loved ones
  • Resorting to substance abuse (like alcohol or drugs)
  • Feeling angry, upset, tearful, or worried all the time
  • Thinking of harming yourself or others

Our skilled doctors at Katy Primary Care Clinic can help patients cope with adversity, make positive choices, connect with others, and adapt to life’s challenges in a healthy manner. If you feel that mental or emotional issues are starting to affect your life, please book a consultation with Dr. Laxman Kalvakuntla for reliable mental health care services near you.