In-House Take-Home Sleep Study

In-House Take-Home Sleep Study in Katy, TX

Good sleep provides a solid foundation for lasting health and wellbeing.

If you wake up feeling tired, take a long time to get to sleep, or wake up frequently at night, you may be suffering from a sleep disorder. In-house take-home sleep studies in Katy, TX, can help the doctor pinpoint the reason underlying the sleep problem.

If inadequate or insufficient sleep is leaving you feeling bleary-eyed every morning, please contact our trained sleep doctor near you for assistance.

Benefits of Good Sleep

Lack of adequate sleep can make you yawn and feel listless all day long. Adults should get at least seven to eight hours of sleep, while children need at least eight to nine hours, depending on their needs.

A good night’s sleep helps in many ways:

  • It improves the immune system and makes us more resistant to ailments like cold and flu.
  • It reduces hunger pangs as sleep results in the release of leptin, a hormone that prevents hunger pangs.
  • It decreases the risks of blood pressure and cardiovascular problems, because inadequate sleep increases the levels of cortisol, a stress hormone that spikes the heart rate.
  • It increases energy levels and improves our mood as we wake up feeling rested. Lack of sleep can make us irritable and edgy.

Poor sleep patterns affect hand-eye coordination and cognitive functions like memory and concentration. In-house take-home sleep study tests help our experienced sleep doctor diagnose the cause and administer suitable treatment.

In-House Take-Home Sleep Study near You

Our trained doctor at Katy Primary Care Clinic may prescribe a take-home sleep study. The procedure involves attaching a sensor device that monitors heart rate, oxygen saturation, airflow, and snoring patterns. Once you return the device to our clinic, our lab technician will prepare a detailed report.

The process is completely pain-free and non-invasive, and much less expensive than visiting a sleep clinic. Our experienced sleep doctor in Katy, CA, may prescribe the device for one or more nights. While obstructive sleep apnea is a common reason, it’s not the only cause for poor sleep. Your sleep may also be affected by restless leg syndrome, melatonin hormonal fluctuations, or narcolepsy.