Echo & Nuclear Testing

Echo and Nuclear Testing in Katy, TX

Our family doctor in Katy, Texas, offers both echo and nuclear testing near you. If your specialist has ordered a stress test or an echo or nuclear test for you, our doctor can help. Call Katy Primary Care Clinic to make an appointment today.

What Are Stress Tests?

Stress tests are used to monitor how your heart functions when it’s working hard. During a stress test, you may be asked to walk on a treadmill or do some other form of exercise. This is hard work for your heart and your body. The heart has to pump more blood when you exercise.

Throughout the stress test, our family doctor will keep a close eye on you and look for any concerning signs. Our doctor will look for signs that the blood supply is reduced in your arteries that lead to your heart. If there is an issue, our doctor will then talk to you about possible treatment options so your heart can continue functioning properly.

What is Echo Testing?

One type of test is the echo or echocardiogram test. This test provides an outline of the heart’s movement, and an ultrasound wand is placed on your chest to examine the heart’s valves, chambers, and the way your heart pumps blood.

The way your heart pumps blood is monitored too.

Sometimes, echo testing is combined with a stress test to see what your heart looks like while you’re working hard.

What is Nuclear Testing?

When you get a nuclear test, there are two parts. Your heart will be examined when you are resting and when you are exerting yourself, like in the stress test.

A nuclear stress test is helpful because it uses radioactive dye. With the help of an imaging machine, it’s clear for our doctor to see how the blood flows to your heart. This will then show our doctor whether you have any damage or blood flow issues.

Call Katy Primary Care Clinic today to make an appointment. Our doctor near you is here to help you live a happy and healthy life. Stress, echo, and nuclear tests are great ways to promote your overall health.