COVID Testing

COVID Rapid Antigen, Antibody and PCR Tests in Katy, TX

If you have COVID symptoms now or think you may have had the virus in the past, it’s important to get the proper testing. At Katy Primary Care Clinic, our doctor near you offers several types of tests.

To learn more about the types of COVID tests available, call our family doctor in Katy. Our friendly staff can help you make an appointment or determine which test is best for your needs.

There are three types of tests that our clinic currently offers as a result of the COVID pandemic. There are different uses for each one, so it’s important to understand what each one does so you ensure you get the right type for your situation.

What is the COVID Rapid Antigen Test?

If you’re hoping to get fast results from a COVID test, your best option is the COVID rapid antigen test. This test is administered with a nasal or nasopharyngeal swab. It’s used to diagnose an active infection.

You will get your results quickly. In some cases, you may be able to view your results within 15 to 30 minutes of receiving the test.

In some cases, our doctor may recommend a PCR test in addition to a rapid antigen test to ensure the results are accurate.

What is the Antibody Test?

The antibody test is used to show if you have had the coronavirus in the past. It cannot diagnose COVID at the time of your test. To test for antibodies, your blood will be drawn.

You will get results for the antibody test within a couple of days. In some cases, you may be able to get your results on the same day.

What is the PCR Test?

If you need a COVID test, you will most likely receive a PCR test. The PCR tests are used to diagnose active infections by using a nasal, nasopharyngeal, or throat swab. Saliva tests may also be available.

Results may take up to a week to come back, but this depends on testing volume. This is an accurate test, so you will not likely need another one for confirmation.

To schedule an appointment for COVID rapid antigen, antibody, and PCR tests near you, call Katy Primary Care Clinic today. Our doctor is committed to keeping you and your family safe and healthy.