Comprehensive Medical Treatment

Comprehensive Medical Treatment in Katy, TX

Our Katy, TX primary clinic can provide comprehensive medical services. From regular wellness exams to treatment for serious conditions, we do it all. Our holistic approach to medicine is applied to all services that we offer here at Katy Primary Care Clinic. If you are looking for comprehensive medical treatment near you, call our office during our business hours to schedule an appointment.

Physical Wellness

We provide holistic primary care services to keep you feeling healthy all year round. Whether you have a knee injury or a cold, we can help.

Geriatric Care

At our Katy, TX primary care office, we provide top-of-the-line geriatric care services for our senior patients.

Heart Health

Your heart is the most intuitive muscle in your body, and we take an intuitive approach to its care.

Sickness Treatment

We provide vaccinations and treatments for flu, COVID, and other illnesses. Call to schedule a sickness visit.

Mental Wellness

For our geriatric patients’ mental wellness, we can diagnose and treat Alzheimer’s. We know how memory issues can affect our elderly patients, and we can diagnose Alzheimer’s as soon as possible so that they can get treatment.

General Wellness

We provide services for your mind and your body. We have all of the tools and the experience to accurately diagnose and treat you in our Katy, TX clinic. For pre-operative appointments, we ask that you plan early. Katy Primary Care Clinic is proud to deliver outstanding medical services as a primary care doctor for our adult and geriatric patients.