Annual Checkups

Annual Checkups in Katy, TX

Visiting your primary care provider once every year is essential to staying healthy. You can book an appointment with a primary doctor near you to get your annual checkup done.

Why You Should Get an Annual Checkup

Many diseases and illnesses can be addressed and resolved by detecting them on time. These ‘silent killers,’ like blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, and cancer are best treated when caught early. These don’t manifest any symptoms during the initial stages, and patients often get annual checkups in Katy, TX, only when they feel unwell.

The most notorious silent killer is heart disease, which displays virtually no symptoms until the patient suffers from a sudden heart attack. Thankfully, our trained doctor at Katy Primary Care Clinic can keep you informed on your health condition and discuss ways to improve your well-being.

What to Expect at an Annual Checkup?

Dr. Laxman Kalvakuntla may also assess your health by:

  • Using a stethoscope to examine your heartbeat and breathing
  • Examining your head and neck, lymph nodes, thyroid, and tonsils
  • Palpating your liver gently to check for enlargement of the liver
  • Checking your muscle strength, balance, and reflexes

Women may have a pelvic and breast exam, while male patients may undergo a prostate and testicular exam.

History, Vital Signs, and Exams

Please contact Dr. Laxman Kalvakuntla to learn more about annual checkups near you.

History: Our experienced doctor in Katy, TX, will ask about your lifestyle choices like smoking, drinking, sexual health, diet, and exercise. This is a good chance to discuss any health concerns or queries that you may have.

Vital Signs: Before starting annual checkups near you, your primary care provider will first record your details like weight, height, temperature, pulse rate, and blood pressure. We will investigate any vitals that fall outside of normal ranges.

Blood Pressure: Normal blood pressure should be lower than 120 and below 80. The high blood pressure range is above 130 and 90.

Heart Rate: Heart rate values between 60 and 100 are normal, although many patients have heart rates below 60.

Temperature: Normal body temperature is pegged at 98.6ºF.